Dimplex Optimyst Pro 500 Built-In Electric Cassette

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Envision the ideal fireplace: limitless in length, adaptable to any spot, and customizable with any number of sides. Bid farewell to concerns about venting, gas lines, and hot glass, as these are now relics of the past. Picture flames crafted from water, within arm’s reach, defying the traditional fireplace norms. The groundbreaking HydroGlow by Innovate FireTech transforms the electric fireplace, simplifying the process of introducing a captivating fire element to any environment. Whether it’s a transparent design, three-sided elegance, or an open-concept allure, the potential is boundless. Embrace the allure of fire without constraints—go ahead, ignite your imagination.

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Meet the Dimplex Optimyst – a super cool electric fireplace that totally changes how your home feels. It makes your place warm and cozy, and it looks really awesome too. Get ready to be amazed by how real and fancy it makes everything. It’s like stepping into a world where really cool tech and classic style come together to give you the best fireplace ever.

Key Features

Optimyst Flame Technology

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Optimyst flame technology. Utilizing ultrasonic technology to create a three-dimensional, smoke and flame effect, this electric fireplace replicates the authentic charm of a traditional fireplace, setting the stage for a captivating visual experience.

Adjustable Flame Intensity and Heat Settings

Tailor your ambiance effortlessly. The Optimyst allows you to customize both flame intensity and heat settings, offering the flexibility to create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion, whether it’s a cozy night in or a gathering with friends.

Realistic Log Set

Witness the attention to detail in the Optimyst’s realistic log set. Each log is meticulously crafted to emulate the appearance of burning wood, contributing to the authentic and visually stunning fire experience that adds warmth and character to your room.

Easy Installation and Versatile Design

Elevate your space without the hassle. The Optimyst’s easy installation process and versatile design make it a seamless addition to various settings, from modern to traditional, transforming your living space into a focal point of elegance.

Safe and Energy-Efficient

Don’t worry when using the Optimyst electric fireplace because it’s super safe. It doesn’t have real flames or bad stuff coming out, so it’s good for families and pets. Also, it uses energy-saving LED technology, which is good for the Earth and makes the place feel nice and comfy.


Year-Round Ambiance

Revel in the charm of a fireplace throughout the seasons. The Optimyst allows you to enjoy the visual delight of a flame without the need for heat, making it a versatile addition to your living space, even during warmer months.

Low Maintenance and Effortless Operation

Say bye-bye to the hard stuff of taking care of regular fireplaces. The Optimyst is easy to keep up, letting you enjoy a lifelike fire by just pressing a button.

Innovative Flame Realism

Discover a whole new kind of realness with Optimyst technology. It makes pretend flames and smoke look so real that it becomes the most eye-catching part. Optimyst sets a standard for how genuine electric fireplaces can be.

Customizable Ambiance

Whether you desire a romantic glow or a vibrant atmosphere for entertaining, the Optimyst caters to your preferences. Adjust the flame settings and heat output to create the perfect ambiance for any mood or occasion.

Contemporary Elegance

Upgrade your home style with the modern beauty of the Optimyst. Its cool and classy look, along with the captivating flame effect, turns it into a standout piece that makes any room look better.

Indulge in the beauty of the Dimplex Optimyst – where innovation meets ambiance, and each moment becomes an opportunity to relish in the warmth and visual allure of your exquisitely designed living space.

BTU/Hr Input 785 BTU/Hr
Remote Control On/Off Remote
Dimensions 13-2/5″ H x 24-2/5″ W x 17-7/10″ D
Fireplace Dimensions 13-2/5″ H x 24-2/5″ W x 17-7/10″ D
Unit Weight 25 lbs.


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