Quadra Fire Santa Fe Insert

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The Santa Fe is a sleek, contemporary and eco-friendly heating option. But don’t let its size fool you—this compact unit packs some heating punch. Expect clean, durable and long-lasting performance from this advanced insert. Includes standard wall thermostat.

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Unleash a new era of home heating with the Quadra Fire Pellet Insert, a revolutionary fusion of innovation and comfort. This cutting-edge insert embodies the pinnacle of convenience, efficiency, and eco-conscious heating solutions.

Key Features

Efficient Heating

The Quadra Fire Pellet Insert saves fuel and keeps your home cozy using advanced pellet-burning tech for consistent and efficient warmth

Versatile Design

This insert blends in well with your existing fireplace to provide a highly effective heating system that maximizes space usage and improves the visual appeal of your house.

Customized Comfort

Experience customized heating with simple controls that make it simple to change the settings and heat levels to suit your space’s decor.

Eco-Friendly Operation

By utilizing renewable energy from pellets, the insert supports sustainable heating, reducing environmental impact and promoting eco-conscious living.

User-Friendly Operation

Equipped with straightforward controls and automated features. He Quadra Fire Pellet Insert ensures hassle-free operation, offering warmth and comfort at your fingertips.

Elegant Design

With a sleek and durable build, this insert not only guarantees efficient heating but also adds a touch of sophistication to any room.



Without sacrificing fuel efficiency, the pellet-burning technology ensures warmth with reliable and effective heating.


It’s the perfect choice for both classic and modern settings since seamless connection makes updating your existing fireplace hassle-free.

Environmental Impact

By utilizing pellets as a renewable energy source, this insert contributes to a reduction in carbon footprint and promotes eco-friendly heating.


The intuitive controls and automated functions make operation simple, providing warmth and comfort at your command.

Style and Elegance

Enhance your home’s aesthetic with the sleek design and durable construction of the Quadra Fire Pellet Insert.

The Quadra Fire Pellet Insert blends innovation with timeless comfort. It’s ideal for upgrading your current fireplace or opting for an eco-friendly heating solution. This insert offers efficient heating, customizable comfort, and a touch of elegance all in one package.


More Information
BTU/Hr Input Up to 30,600 BTU/Hr
Heating Capacity Up to 1,900 sq. ft.
Efficiency LHV 70%, HHV 66%
Emissions 1.1 g/hr
Maximum Feed Rate 3.4 lbs/hr
Electronic Ignition Standard
Firebox Construction Steel
Burn Pot Construction Cast Iron
Hopper Capacity 45 lbs.
Fan/Blower Standard
Flue Size 3″
Venting Configuration Top
Distance to Flue from Surround 9-5/8″
Surround Sizes 30″ H x 40″ W | 33″ H x 50″ W
Thermostat Control Standard
Remote Control Optional
Min. Fireplace Dimensions 23-1/4″ H x 29-1/4″ (Front), 24″ (Rear) W x 16″ D
Unit Dimensions 25-3/8″ H x 21-1/2″ W x 13″ D
Unit Weight 214 lbs.
Unique Features Patented Feed System for Jam-Free Operation


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