Harman XXV-TC Pellet Stove

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Celebrating years of Harman’s success, this tribute reflects a steadfast commitment to quality. The XXV-TC pellet stove is not just admired for its finely crafted cast iron and intricate oak leaf design, but also beloved for its exceptional temperature accuracy and control. Harman continues to set new standards for excellence, introducing the innovative EASY Touch Control system that enhances the pellet stove experience, making it more user-friendly and intuitive than ever before.

  • Efficient functionality through user-friendly EASY Touch Controls.
  • Almost silent operation when in Whisper mode.
  • Effortlessly monitor fuel levels through the tinted hopper lid.
  • Reduced reloading with a 65lb hopper capacity.
  • Sophisticated mirrored glass that responds to the dancing flames.
  • Simplified installation through the use of a direct vent system.
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Experience the epitome of warmth and style with the Harman Pellet Stove, a revolutionary heating solution that seamlessly combines cutting-edge technology with timeless design. Elevate your home’s ambiance while enjoying the unparalleled benefits of efficient heating.

Key Features

Smart Heat Technology

The Harman Pellet Stove has a smart feature that adjusts how much heat it gives off depending on what your home needs. This clever system keeps your place warm and saves energy by using fuel efficiently, giving you both coziness and cost savings.

Whisper-quiet Operation

Say goodbye to noisy heating systems! The Harman Pellet Stove operates with a whisper-quiet efficiency, allowing you to enjoy the soothing warmth without the distraction of background noise. It’s the perfect addition to any room, creating a tranquil atmosphere for relaxation.

Timeless Design

The Harman Pellet Stove is made with a lot of care, paying close attention to the little details. It fits in well with any home decoration because of its smooth lines, fancy finishes, and the ability to personalize it. This makes it a cool centerpiece that goes along with your own taste and keeps your home warm.

Easy-to-Use Controls

Manage your comfort easily using simple controls. Adjusting the temperature and settings is a piece of cake. The easy-to-use interface makes it simple for you to customize how warm or cool you want it. Just a few clicks and you can make your space just right for you.


Cost-effective Heating

The Harman Pellet Stove is made to save you money on energy. It keeps your home warm and comfy without spending too much.

Environmentally Friendly

Pick a nature-friendly way of living with a pellet stove that uses eco-friendly fuel. Harman Pellet Stoves burn cleanly, so you put less pollution in the air and help keep the Earth healthy.

Whole-Home Comfort

Experience consistent warmth throughout your living space with the Pellet Stove. Its powerful heating capabilities ensure that every corner of your home stays comfortably heated during chilly weather.

Reliable Performance

Made to last, the Pellet Stove is strong and works well every year. Count on its well-made design and engineering for a heating solution that lasts a long time.

Make your home cozy and stylish with the Harman Pellet Stove. It combines modern technology with classic design for really good heating. Get warmth, efficiency, and a fancy look all in one great package.


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