Hearthstone Bari 8171 Wood Burning Stove

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The Bari, exclusively crafted in Germany by Hase Kaminofenbau GmbH, embodies meticulous design and manufacturing. Hase’s paramount objective is to sculpt stoves that exude equilibrium and harmony in their shape and form, resulting in a radiant brilliance. Integrating HearthStone’s innovative TruHybrid™ combustion technology, the Bari introduces a contemporary European EPA certified offering to the North American market. It presents a spectrum of finishes, from ceramic panels showcasing diverse textures and colors to the understated elegance of minimal black steel.

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Introducing the Hearthstone Bari 8171 Wood Burning Stove – where timeless elegance meets cutting-edge functionality. Elevate your home heating experience with this exceptional stove that seamlessly blends classic design with modern innovation.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Hearthstone Bari 8171 boasts a sleek and sophisticated exterior that effortlessly complements any living space. The stove’s robust construction is a testament to Hearthstone’s commitment to quality, ensuring durability that stands the test of time.

Key Features

Efficient Wood Burning

Experience the primal allure of a crackling wood fire without compromising on efficiency. The Hearthstone Bari 8171 is designed to maximize heat output, providing a warm and cozy ambiance that will make your home the heart of comfort.

Radiant Heat

Revel in the enveloping warmth radiating from this stove. The Bari 8171 utilizes radiant heat, ensuring that every corner of your room is embraced by a comforting and even temperature, creating an inviting atmosphere for gatherings or quiet moments.

Timeless Design

The stove’s classic design is a masterpiece of aesthetics, featuring clean lines and a captivating silhouette. The Bari 8171 is not just a heating appliance; it’s a statement piece that enhances the visual appeal of your living space.

Eco-Friendly Operation

Embrace sustainability with the Hearthstone Bari 8171. This wood burning stove is not only a source of warmth but also a conscientious choice for the environment. Burn wood efficiently, reducing your carbon footprint while enjoying the benefits of renewable heating.

Airwash Technology

No more dirty glass! The Bari 8171 has a special technology that keeps the glass clean. This means you can watch the flames without any interruptions, and it looks really nice.

User-Friendly Controls

Make yourself comfy easily. The stove has easy-to-use buttons, so you can easily change the heat and handle the fire without any hassle. It’s simple and fun to use.


Cost-Efficient Heating

The Hearthstone Bari 8171 uses wood to make heat and save money. You can feel the cozy warmth of a wood fire and maybe spend less on heating.

A Focal Point of Beauty

Transform your living space into a haven of style. The Bari 8171 not only warms your home but also becomes a focal point, inviting admiration and creating a captivating ambiance.

Reliable and Durable

Invest in a stove that stands the test of time. The robust construction of the Bari 8171 ensures durability, making it a reliable heating solution for years to come.

Experience the cozy charm of the past with the efficiency of modern heating tech. The Hearthstone Bari 8171 Wood Burning Stove isn’t just a heater; it’s warm, stylish, and good for the environment. Get the ultimate comfort and luxury for your home now.


BTU/Hr Input Up to 35,000 BTU/Hr
Heating Capacity Up to 1,400 sq. ft.
Efficiency 76% (HHV)
Emissions 0.94 g/hr
Burn Time 8 hours – Up to 14 hour HeatLife
Log Length 17″ Maximum
Loading Door Front
Firebox Size 1.4 cu. ft.
Firebox Construction Steel w/ Soapstone Lining, Optional Ceramic Enamel
Clean Burn Technology Catalytic Combustion System
Fan/Blower No
Flue Size 6″
Venting Configuration Top
Rear Vent Flue Height N/A
Dimensions 44″ H x 19-1/2″ W x 19-1/2″ D
Unit Weight 310 lbs
Unique Features 30% Biomass Tax Credit Eligible


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