Osburn Inspire 2000-I

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This wood insert will bring an unmatched modernism to your decor, in addition to perfectly combining functionality and comfort. The impeccable lines display a timeless style while guaranteeing reliability and durability. Whether you want to enjoy a broad view of the flames in the comfort of your living room during a romantic evening or simply to benefit from impressive heat in cold weather, the Inspire will charm you as much by its aesthetics as its 77% optimal performance. With its particle emission rate as low as 1.54 g/h and its high-performance combustion system, environmentalists have never been as happy with wood heating. The Inspire Collection celebrates our past and embraces our future as our team is committed more than ever to our industry’s contribution to sustainability . A dream opportunity on the latest trends!

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The Osburn Inspire 2000 is a remarkable fireplace, designed to deliver efficient heating and an elegant touch to your home. Known for its advanced features and robust construction, this model ensures reliable warmth and a stylish addition to your living space.

Key Features of the Osburn Inspire 2000

Efficient Heating

The Osburn Inspire 2000 efficiently produces warmth while using less fuel, providing effective heating for your home.

Modern Design

It has a sleek and contemporary appearance that blends well with different interior styles. The large viewing area showcases beautiful flames, making your space cozy and appealing.

User-Friendly Controls

It has easy-to-use controls, allowing simple adjustments to heat settings for a comfortable and personalized experience.

Durable Build

Made from strong materials, the Osburn Inspire 2000 is long-lasting and dependable, ensuring consistent warmth in your home.

Benefits of the Osburn Inspire 2000

Cost-Efficient Heating

It warms your space effectively while reducing heating costs, making it an economical choice.

Enhanced Room Ambiance: The modern design and charming flames create a welcoming atmosphere, serving as a stunning focal point in your home.

Convenient Heating

Easy controls enable effortless adjustment of heat settings, ensuring a cozy and personalized environment.

Reliable Performance

Its sturdy build promises consistent warmth and comfort, ensuring long-term reliable performance in your home.


BTU/Hr Input Up to 75,000 BTU/Hr
Heating Capacity Up to 2,100 sq. ft.
Efficiency 77% (LHV), 72% (HHV)
Emissions 1.54 g/hr
Burn Time 8 Hours
Log Length 16″ Maximum
Firebox Size 2.4 cu. ft. (Manufacturer), 1.95 cu. ft. (EPA)
Firebox Construction Steel
Clean Burn Technology Non-Catalytic
Fan/Blower Standard
Flue Size 6″
Distance to Flue from Surround 15″ (Center)
Surround Sizes 31 H x 25-1/8″ W | 32″ H x 50″ W | 30″ H x 26-7/8″ W
Min. Fireplace Dimensions 24-5/8″ H x 29″ W x 20-3/4″ D
Unit Dimensions 24″ H x 28-1/2″ W x 20-3/4″ D
Unit Weight 420 lbs.
Unique Features 30% Biomass Tax Credit Eligible


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