Quadra-Fira Outfitter I Pellet Stove

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Prepare for an extended winter season with dependable, convenient, and cost-effective warmth offered by the Outfitter I pellet stove. This appliance not only ensures your comfort but also promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle by utilizing a renewable, clean, and reliable fuel source. Adjust your desired comfort level effortlessly using the dial control or wall thermostat, and enjoy cost savings through the EPA-certified efficiency of this stove.

  • Efficiently warm moderate-sized areas of up to 1,400 square feet, the actual coverage dependent on both climate conditions and the efficiency of your home.
  • Generously accommodates 60 pounds of fuel in the hopper, ensuring an extended period of operation without the need for frequent refilling.
  • Effortlessly manage settings through the color dial control and wall thermostat for convenient and user-friendly control.
  • Conserve fuel effectively with a remarkable 75% Higher Heating Value (HHV) efficiency, allowing for reduced fuel consumption and enhanced cost-effectiveness.
  • Hold assurance in its environmental credentials as it is EPA-certified and qualifies for the Federal Biomass Tax Credit, providing you with both a clean-burning appliance and potential financial benefits.
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Introducing the epitome of warmth and efficiency – our state-of-the-art Quadra-Fira Outfitter I Pellet Stove, designed to redefine the way you experience coziness in your home. Crafted with precision and innovation, this stove seamlessly blends style with functionality to create an unparalleled heating solution.

Key Features

Smart Heating Technology

Our Quadra-Fira Outfitter I Pellet Stove is equipped with cutting-edge smart heating technology, allowing you to effortlessly control the temperature with the touch of a button. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional stoves and embrace the convenience of modern living.

Efficient Pellet Combustion

Discover a better way to save energy with our stove. It burns pellets really well, giving off steady heat that’s good for the environment. You’ll stay warm and help make the Earth healthier.

Adjustable Heat Settings

Tailor your comfort with the stove’s adjustable heat settings. Whether you need a subtle warmth for a cozy evening or a robust heat output during chilly nights, our stove adapts to your preferences, ensuring a customized and comfortable atmosphere.

Elegant Design

Make your home look nice with our Quadra-Fira Outfitter I Pellet Stove. It has a modern design that’s simple but eye-catching. It fits well with any decoration, making it a cool centerpiece that matches your home’s vibe.

Quiet Operation

Experience the calmness in your room without the bother of a loud heating system. Our Quadra-Fira Outfitter I Pellet Stove works quietly, so you can enjoy the comforting sound of the burning pellets without any annoying background noise.


Cost-Effective Heating

Save money on your energy bills and stay warm. This stove is really good at burning pellets efficiently, so you get a lot of heat from each pellet. It’s a smart and money-saving choice for your home.

Environmentally Friendly

When you pick a Quadra-Fira Outfitter I pellet stove, you’re going for a heating option that helps the environment. Pellets are made from squished sawdust and wood bits, which means they come from things we can keep using, and they’re good for the Earth.

Convenience at Your Fingertips

Easily manage your comfort using the simple interface. Adjust the temperature, create heating schedules, and keep an eye on usage, all from your comfy couch.

Peace of Mind

Our Pellet Stove is built with safety in mind, featuring automatic shutdown mechanisms and overheat protection. Enjoy warmth with peace of mind, knowing that your home is secure.

Upgrade your home heating experience with our Quadra-Fira Outfitter I Pellet Stove – where innovation meets warmth, and style meets efficiency. Embrace the future of heating technology and transform your living space into a haven of comfort and elegance.

Outfitter II Pellet Stove

Size: Medium
Fuel Type: Pellet
BTU/hr Input: 9,600 – 33,200
Heating Capacity: 700-1,400 sq ft
Hopper Capacity: 60 lbs
Efficiency: 75% HHV 79% LHV
Emissions: .7 grams/hour


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