Quadra-Fire Classic Bay 1200 Pellet Insert

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The Classic Bay 1200i showcases striking flames and exceptional performance, consistently visible through its expansive bay window. Enhanced technology enables the 1200i to generate potent warmth while maintaining a high level of efficiency.

  • With an output of 48,500 BTUs, this unit effectively warms spaces ranging from 1,000 to 2,600 square feet, depending on climate conditions and home efficiency.
  • Certified by the EPA, this unit demonstrates environmental responsibility with exceptionally low emission levels, measuring at just 0.8 grams per hour.
  • With a generous 75-pound hopper capacity, this unit offers ample storage for sustained and efficient operation.
  • Incorporating a patented feed system, this unit ensures smooth operation without jams, adding to its reliability and user-friendly experience.
  • The firepot is designed for easy cleaning, simplifying maintenance and ensuring a user-friendly experience with minimal effort.
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Introducing the Classic Bay 1200 Pellet Insert – a fusion of timeless design and cutting-edge heating technology that redefines the ambiance of your home. Elevate your living space with this sophisticated pellet insert, where every detail is crafted to enhance warmth and style.

Key Features

Efficient Heating Performance

The Classic Bay 1200 Pellet Insert is engineered for superior heating efficiency. With precision combustion technology, it maximizes heat output while minimizing pellet consumption, ensuring a consistent and cozy warmth in your living area.

Intuitive Thermostat Control

Take command of your comfort with the intuitive thermostat control. Set your preferred temperature and let the Classic Bay 1200 automatically maintain the perfect heat level, providing a hassle-free and comfortable living environment.

Bay Window Design

Immerse yourself in the enchanting glow of the flames through the elegant bay window design. This unique feature not only adds a touch of sophistication to your space but also offers a captivating view of the dancing flames, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Easy Installation and Operation

Say goodbye to complex installations. The Classic Bay 1200 Pellet Insert is designed for seamless integration into your existing fireplace, offering a hassle-free upgrade to efficient and stylish heating. User-friendly controls make operation a breeze.

Four Heat Level Settings

Tailor your heating experience with the four heat level settings. Whether you desire a gentle warmth for a mild evening or a robust heat output during colder nights, the Classic Bay 1200 lets you customize the temperature to suit your preferences.


Cost-Effective Heating

Experience warmth without breaking the bank. The Classic Bay 1200 Pellet Insert optimizes pellet combustion, ensuring that you get the most heat per pellet. This not only saves you money but also makes it an eco-friendly heating choice.

Versatile Year-Round Comfort

Enjoy the Classic Bay 1200’s warmth throughout the year. Its adaptable design provides a controlled heat source during chilly seasons and an elegant focal point without excessive heat during milder weather, offering year-round comfort.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Transform your traditional fireplace into a statement piece. The Classic Bay 1200 seamlessly marries classic aesthetics with modern heating technology, creating a focal point that enhances the overall look and feel of your living space.

Peace of Mind with Safety Features

Make safety a top priority with features that shut down automatically if something goes wrong. The Classic Bay 1200 Pellet Insert gives you peace of mind, so you can enjoy the warmth without any worries.

Upgrade your home heating experience with the Classic Bay 1200 Pellet Insert – where timeless design meets contemporary efficiency, and each moment becomes an opportunity to revel in the warmth of a refined living space.

CB1200I-C Insert

Width: 28-1/2″
Height: 25-1/2″
Front Width Minimum Firebox Opening: 29-3/4″
Height Minimum Firebox Opening: 19-3/4″
Depth Minimum Firebox Opening: 13-1/4″
Back Width Minimum Firebox Opening: 22-1/2″
Extension Onto Hearth: 13-5/8″
BTU/hr Input: 17,000 – 48,500
Heating Capacity: 1,000 – 2,700 sq ft
Hopper Capacity: 75 lbs
Viewing Area: 153 sq in
Efficiency: LHV 68%, HHV 64%
Emissions: .8 grams/hour


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