Quadra-Fire Qfi Fb Gas Insert

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The Quadra-Fire FireBrick gas insert series is a quick and effective way to elevate your fireplace experience. Engineered for seamless integration into your current wood-burning hearth, these FireBrick inserts bring a touch of instant transformation. Say goodbye to the inefficiency of your old fireplace as these inserts work their charm, swiftly turning it into a high-performing, environmentally conscious heat source. Upgrade your space with the Quadra-Fire FireBrick gas insert series and enjoy a cozy and eco-friendly ambiance.

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Meet the Quadra-Fire QFI FB Gas Insert – a top-notch heater that makes your home cozy and stylish. It’s designed with cool tech and lifelike flames to give your indoor space a classy makeover. This fancy gas fireplace blends modern stuff with classic looks, making it a standout piece in your home. Now, let’s check out why the Quadra-Fire QFI FB Gas Insert is a great pick for boosting your fireplace.


Year-Round Comfort

The Quadra-Fire QFI FB Gas Insert provides a cozy ambiance without the need for heat, making it a versatile addition to your living space throughout the seasons. Revel in the visual delight of a flickering fire any time of the year.

Efficient Heating Solution

This gas insert offers efficient heating with controlled warmth, providing a reliable and energy-efficient solution for keeping your home comfortable during colder months.

Easy Operation and Maintenance

Experience the ease of operation and minimal maintenance. The QFI FB’s user-friendly design ensures straightforward operation and hassle-free upkeep, allowing you to focus on enjoying the warmth and ambiance.

Contemporary Design Aesthetics

Elevate your interior with the contemporary design aesthetics of the Quadra-Fire QFI FB Gas Insert. Its sleek profile and modern lines create a stunning focal point, enhancing the overall appeal of your living space with a touch of sophistication.

Key Features

Proprietary heat-emitting technology

This groundbreaking technology not only produces warmth but also efficiently preserves and emits it into the space, all while consuming less fuel. This leads to decreased expenses in heating.

Recessed fireplace Design

These inserts showcase a modern, seamless design with a generous 30″ or 35″ viewing space, offering a captivating perspective of the fire.

Non-reflective glass paired with ClearVue screen

Experience a clear and unhindered sight of the fire, courtesy of the anti-reflective glass and ClearVue screen.

Smooth FireBrick interior

The design of the FireBrick interior guarantees a smooth and attractive appearance.

Ember bed with integrated illumination

The elegantly lit ember bed brings a touch of sophistication to your fireplace, elevating its visual charm.

Conventional blower system

These additions come with a regular blower, spreading heat well in your area. The Quadra-Fire FireBrick gas insert series mixes looks and usefulness, turning your old fireplace into a modern, eco-friendly way to heat your home better and make your fireplace more interesting.


QFI30FB 30″ Gas Insert

Size: 30″
Width: 30″
Height: 22-3/8″
Depth: 16-3/8″
Rear Width: 21″
Front Width Minimum Firebox Opening: 30-1/2″
Height Minimum Firebox Opening: 22-5/8″
Depth Minimum Firebox Opening: 16-5/8″
Back Width Minimum Firebox Opening: 21-1/2″
BTU/hr Input: 36,000
Viewing Area: 26-11/16″ x 17-7/8″

QFI35FB 35″ Gas Insert

Size: 35″
Width: 34-5/8″
Height: 24-3/8″
Depth: 17-7/8″
Rear Width: 25″
Front Width Minimum Firebox Opening: 35-1/8″
Height Minimum Firebox Opening: 24-5/8″
Depth Minimum Firebox Opening: 18-1/8″
Back Width Minimum Firebox Opening: 25-1/2″
BTU/hr Input: 40,000
Viewing Area: 31-3/8″ x 19-7/8″


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