Dimplex 33 Plug-in Electric Firebox with Logs

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Get the 33″ plug-in electric firebox – it’s a super cool 120-volt widescreen electric firebox that you can easily plug in. It comes with a fan that you can control with a thermostat to keep things just how you like them. Our special electric flame tech makes the embers pulse, and the logs are made to look just like real wood for an amazingly realistic vibe. You get to control everything – turn the flames on or off, adjust how fast they flicker, set the brightness inside, and even control the heater. It’s all up to you!

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Introducing the epitome of modern warmth and elegance – the Electric Firebox. Redefine your concept of home heating with this sleek and innovative addition to your living space. Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality as the Electric Firebox transforms any room into a cozy sanctuary.

Key Features

Flame Realism

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing flame realism of the Electric Firebox. Advanced technology replicates the dancing glow and flickering flames of a traditional fireplace, creating an ambiance that’s both comforting and visually stunning.

Multi-color Flames

Customize your experience with multi-color flame options. The Electric Firebox allows you to switch between a spectrum of hues, giving you the flexibility to match the mood of any occasion or the decor of your space effortlessly.

Adjustable Heat Settings

Take control of your comfort with adjustable heat settings. Whether you’re looking for a gentle warmth on a chilly evening or a cozy heat source during colder months, the Electric Firebox caters to your preferences with precision.

Remote Control Convenience

Enjoy the convenience of remote control operation. Adjust flame settings, heat intensity, and even set timers from the comfort of your couch, putting the power of warmth at your fingertips.

Energy-Efficient LED Technology

Embrace eco-friendly heating with energy-efficient LED technology. The Electric Firebox not only reduces your carbon footprint but also provides a cost-effective solution for a warm and inviting atmosphere.


Year-Round Ambiance

The Electric Firebox brings the charm of a fireplace without the need for heat, making it a versatile addition to your living space all year round. Enjoy the visual delight of a glowing fire in any season.

Easy Installation

Elevate your space effortlessly with the Electric Firebox’s easy installation process. Its versatile design allows for seamless integration into various settings, providing a stunning focal point that complements any decor.

No Venting Required

Say goodbye to the complexities of venting. The Electric Firebox operates without the need for a chimney or vent, offering you the freedom to place it in any room of your choice without the constraints of traditional fireplace installations.

Low Maintenance

Bid farewell to the hassles of traditional fireplace upkeep. The Electric Firebox requires minimal maintenance, allowing you to focus on enjoying the warmth and ambiance it effortlessly provides.

Space-Saving Design

Maximize your living space with the Electric Firebox’s compact and space-saving design. Perfect for apartments, condos, or rooms with limited space, it adds a touch of elegance without sacrificing square footage.

Indulge in the epitome of contemporary heating with the Electric Firebox – where style meets functionality, and each moment becomes an opportunity to revel in the warmth of a thoughtfully designed living space.

Refractory Traditional
BTU/Hr Input 3,412 BTU/Hr
Remote Control Multi-Function Remote
Framing Dimensions 22-3/4″ H x 31-3/4″ W x 9-1/2″ D
Unit Weight 57 lbs.


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