SimpliFire Forum Outdoor Electric Fireplace

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The SimpliFire Forum outdoor electric fireplace presents the easiest and most efficient means to convert your patio or deck into an enchanting oasis, ensuring it remains an inviting space throughout the year. Given its versatility and the option to position it anywhere, the Forum seamlessly transforms your outdoor area into a tranquil retreat.

Introducing our cutting-edge Electric Fireplace – the epitome of sophistication and warmth seamlessly blended into one stylish package. Elevate your living space with this modern marvel that not only adds a touch of elegance but also brings the cozy ambiance of a traditional fireplace without the hassle of maintenance.


Year-Round Ambiance

Transform your living space into a cozy retreat all year round. The Electric Fireplace provides the warmth and charm of a traditional fireplace without the need for seasonal maintenance.

Cost-Effective Heating

Save on heating costs by efficiently warming the room you’re in, allowing you to lower the thermostat in the rest of your home. This practical approach to heating maximizes comfort while minimizing energy expenses.

Safe and Family-Friendly

With no open flames or harmful emissions, our Electric Fireplace is a safe choice for homes with children and pets. Enjoy peace of mind as you create a warm and inviting environment for your loved ones.

Stress-Free Maintenance

Say goodbye to the challenges of cleaning ash, stocking wood, or scheduling chimney sweeps. Our Electric Fireplace, not only ensuring a clean and low-maintenance experience, but provides you with the perfect opportunity to concentrate solely on what’s most important – namely, enjoying a cozy atmosphere without any hassle. Furthermore, this hassle-free feature allows you to fully immerse yourself in the warmth and comfort of your space.


  • Offered in two different dimensions: 43 inches and 55 inches, providing you with the flexibility to select the ideal size for your area.
  • Constructed to endure various weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting durability and reliability when used in outdoor environments.
  • Showcases a sleek and contemporary design that can be effortlessly incorporated with finishing materials to the edge or framed using the provided overlap front, allowing for seamless integration.
  • Select from four unique flame color choices to align with the ambiance you desire.
  • Choose among 13 LED ember bed color variations to establish the mood and atmosphere of your preference.
  • Tailor the appearance of your fireplace by selecting between clear crystals or driftwood logs with radiant embers.
  • Easily manage the fireplace with the included remote for convenient operation.


  • The Forum electric fireplace provides flexibility in arrangement, offering both built-in and slide-in installation options. This allows you to position it according to your preferences.
  • Crafted for ambiance purposes exclusively, it does not produce heat.
  • You can safely place a TV or artwork directly above the fireplace without the necessity for gas lines or venting.
  • Choose between hardwired or plug-in electrical options according to your preferences and needs.

The SimpliFire Forum outdoor electric fireplace easily enhances your outdoor space, making it a relaxing getaway for year-round enjoyment. Its chic design and versatility bring warmth and charm to your outdoor sanctuary, without the challenges associated with traditional fireplaces.

Forum 43

Front Width (Built In): 45-11/16″
Front Width (Recessed): 48″
Height (Built In): 18-1/8″
Height (Recessed): 20″
Depth (Built In): 8-3/16″
Depth (Recessed): 8-3/4″
Viewing Area (Built In): 43-1/2″ x 15-7/16″
Viewing Area (Recessed): 43″ x 15″

Forum 55

Front Width (Built In): 57-3/4″
Front Width (Recessed): 60″
Height (Built In): 18-1/8″
Height (Recessed): 20″
Depth (Built In): 8-1/4″
Depth (Recessed): 8-3/4″
Viewing Area (Built In): 55-1/2″ x 15-7/16″
Viewing Area (Recessed): 55 x 15″


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