MF Fire Nova 2 Insert

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The MF Fire Nova 2 Insert brings the perfect modern design with the performance that Nova has been built on. With its large viewing area and minimal trim, it’s easy to focus on the beauty of the fire. Still designed to take the guess work and tinkering out of wood burning. Making it perfect for both the causal wood burner and lifelong burner. There is no longer a need to adjust burn settings. Just light a fire and an efficient, clean burn is delivered every time.

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The MF Fire Nova 2 insert is a fancy way to make your old fireplace work better. It uses new technology to heat your home well. It looks cool and works great to keep your home warm and modern.

Key Features of the MF Fire Nova 2 Insert

Efficient Heating

The Nova 2 insert maximizes heat while using less fuel, offering effective warmth for your home.

Modern Design

With a contemporary look, it fits well with various interior styles. The large viewing area shows beautiful flames, making your space cozy and attractive.

User-Friendly Controls

Easy-to-use controls allow you to manage heat settings for a comfortable and personalized experience.

Sturdy Build

Made with durable materials, the MF Fire Nova ensures consistent and long-lasting performance, providing reliable warmth for your home.

Benefits of the MF Fire Nova 2 Insert

Cost-Efficient Heating

It effectively warms your space while helping to reduce heating costs, making it an economical choice.

Enhanced Room Ambiance

The modern design and charming flames create a welcoming atmosphere, serving as a stunning focal point in your home.

Convenient Heating

Simple controls make it easy to adjust heat settings, ensuring a cozy and personalized environment.

Reliable Performance

Its durable construction promises consistent warmth and comfort, ensuring long-term reliable performance in your home.

Specifications of MF Fire Nova 2

BTU/Hr Input Up to 75,000 BTU/Hr
Heating Capacity Up to 2,500 sq. ft.
Efficiency 81%
Emissions 1.9 g/hr
Burn Time Up to 17 Hours
Log Length 22″ Maximum
Firebox Size 2.4 cu. ft.
Firebox Construction Steel
Clean Burn Technology Catalytic Combustion System
Fan/Blower Standard
Flue Size 6″
Distance to Flue from Surround 11-3/4″ (Center)
Surround Sizes 32″ x 44″
Min. Fireplace Dimensions 28″ H x 33″ W x 16″ D
Unit Dimensions 26-1/2″ H x 32-1/2″ W x 16″ D
Unit Weight 400 lbs.
Unique Features 30% Biomass Tax Credit Eligible


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