Simplifire Scion Trinity Electric Fireplace

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The SimpliFire® Scion Trinity electric fireplace provides the versatility to create various atmospheres from three distinct angles – a 3-sided bay, a 2-sided corner, or a singular view. Enjoy a consistent ambiance throughout the year, with or without the added warmth.

The Scion Trinity Electric Fireplace isn’t just a heating appliance; it’s a masterpiece of innovation that will transform your living space into a warm and stylish haven. Let’s explore the extraordinary features and benefits that make this fireplace a must-have addition to your home.


Year-Round Comfort

The Scion Trinity Electric Fireplace is your all-season companion. Revel in the ambiance of a glowing fire, whether it’s freezing outside or a warm summer night. Choose to enjoy the flames without the heat for a versatile experience.

Low Maintenance

Say goodbye to the work of wood-burning fireplaces. This electric fireplace needs no fuel, ash cleanup, or chimney care. It’s very Accessible and simple to maintain.

Safety and Peace of Mind

Your safety is paramount. The Scion Trinity comes equipped with safety features like automatic shutoff and temperature control, ensuring you can relax and enjoy the warmth without worry.

Energy Efficiency

Cut your heating bills while being Sustainable. The Scion Trinity’s smart design boosts energy efficiency and reduces waste.

Enhanced Property Value

Elevate the value of your home with the addition of the Scion Trinity Electric Fireplace. Prospective buyers will be captivated by its beauty, technology, and energy-efficient features.


  • Comes in two size options: 43″ and 55″ to Satisfy your room.
  • Select from 4 different flame color choices and 14 options for ember bed color to achieve full customization.
  • The accent lighting elevates the entire atmosphere.
  • It includes a handy remote control for Easy operation.
  • It features both clear crystal media and Beachwood logs, blending contemporary aesthetics with rustic allure.
  • Proudly Displays a modern, Neat appearance with no apparent mesh screen or heat vent, guaranteeing a clear view.
  • Supplies a two-stage supplemental heat with a Capability of up to 5,000 BTUs.
  • Runs on 120 volts, consumes 1500 watts, and draws 12.5 amps of power.


  • Versatile installation choices permit 3-sided (bay), 2-sided (corner), or One-sided applications, Modifying to your available space.
  • Extend finishing materials to the fireplace’s edge for a smooth and flush appearance.
  • Securely place a TV or artwork directly above the fireplace without worrying about gas lines or venting obstruction.
  • Opt for either hardwired or plug-in electrical alternatives for your Comfort.

The SimpliFire® Scion Trinity Electric Fireplace offers various features and installation choices, ensuring you can create a perfect atmosphere and warmth in your living space without needing traditional gas lines or vents.

Scion Trinity 43

Size: 43″
Width: 42-1/2″
Height: 22″
Depth: 11-1/4″
Fuel Type: Electric
BTU/hr Input: 5,000
Viewing Area: 42-1/2″ x 14-3/4″

Scion Trinity 55

Size: 55″
Width: 54-1/16″
Height: 22″
Depth: 11-1/4″
Fuel Type: Electric
BTU/hr Input: 5,000
Viewing Area: 54-1/2″ x 14-3/4″


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