Quadra-Fire Trekker Pellet Insert

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  • Warm expansive areas with a powerful output of 51,000 BTUs—suitable for heating spaces spanning up to 2,900 square feet, contingent on climate conditions and the efficiency of your home.
  • EPA-approved, boasting minimal emissions at a rate of only 0.74 grams per hour.
  • Load more fuel with a 52lb hopper.
  • Conserve more energy with an impressive efficiency rating of 83.2%, resulting in reduced fuel consumption.
  • Introducing our cutting-edge “Efficient Energy” (E2) burn technology, exclusively designed to effortlessly uphold and regulate your warmth.
  • Enhance the intricacy and robustness of your heating system with a cast iron heat exchanger, firepot, and exterior. Elevate the sophistication and resilience through meticulous detailing, ensuring both functional excellence and an aesthetically pleasing design.
  • 7-day programmable thermostat alternate: Weekly customizable temperature control device
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Introducing the Quadra-Fire Trekker Pellet Insert, a revolutionary addition to your home that combines cutting-edge technology with sleek design, ensuring your living space is not just warm, but also stylish. Embark on a journey of comfort with this thoughtfully crafted pellet insert.

Key Features

Adaptive Heat Management

The Quadra-Fire Trekker Pellet Insert is equipped with adaptive heat management technology, ensuring an even and consistent distribution of warmth throughout your room. Bid farewell to chilly corners and embrace a cozy atmosphere that adapts to your comfort needs.

Advanced Pellet Ignition

Experience quick and efficient heating with the advanced pellet ignition system. The Trekker Pellet Insert ignites pellets swiftly, bringing warmth to your space within moments of activation and minimizing the time you spend waiting for comfort.

Contemporary Design with Bay View Window

Elevate your living space with the Trekker’s contemporary design, complemented by a bay view window that offers a captivating view of the dancing flames. This unique feature adds a touch of elegance to your room while providing a visual treat of the cozy fire within.

Intuitive Controls with Programmable Thermostat

Take command of your comfort with intuitive controls and a programmable thermostat. Set your desired temperature and let the Trekker Pellet Insert automatically adjust heat output, ensuring a customized and hassle-free heating experience.

Low Maintenance Design

Enjoy the warmth without the hassle. The Trekker Pellet Insert is designed for low maintenance, allowing you to spend more time enjoying the comfort it provides and less time on upkeep.


Cost-Effective Heating

The Quadra-Fire Trekker Pellet Insert optimizes pellet combustion, ensuring you get the most heat per pellet. This not only saves you money on heating costs but also makes it an environmentally conscious choice.

Year-Round Versatility

The Trekker Pellet Insert is not just for winter. Its versatile design allows for controlled heating during colder months and serves as a stylish centerpiece during milder seasons, providing comfort all year round.

Easy Installation

Make your fireplace better with the Trekker Pellet Insert. It’s easy to install, and its simple design makes it fit smoothly into your current fireplace. This turns your old fireplace into a modern and efficient way to keep warm.

Whisper-Quiet Operation

Enjoy the warmth without the noise. The Trekker Pellet Insert operates with whisper-quiet efficiency, creating a serene atmosphere that allows you to relax and unwind.

Trusted Quadra-Fire Quality

Quadra-Fire is really good at making stuff. They make sure everything they make is strong and well-made. The Trekker Pellet Insert is a great choice for keeping your home warm. It’s tough, works well, and adds a nice touch to your place.

Embark on a journey of warmth and style with the Quadra-Fire Trekker Pellet Insert – where innovation meets elegance, and each moment becomes an opportunity to relish the comfort of your beautifully heated living space.


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