Heat & Glo 8K Series Gas Fireplace

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The 8K Series provides a seamless blend of the timeless atmosphere of a conventional fireplace and the modern technology of contemporary features such as voice command and heat regulation choices. This allows you to enjoy the genuine appearance and sensation of a traditional fire, with meticulously designed, high-quality logs set above a convincingly crafted ember bed. The realism is so striking that your acquaintances might easily misinterpret it as genuine logs being introduced into the fire.

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Meet the Heat & Glo 8K Series Gas Fireplace – a fancy and smart gas fireplace made to make your home cozy and beautiful. It mixes modern looks with the latest tech, turning your living area into a comfy and stylish spot. Let’s check out why the Heat & Glo 8K Series Gas Fireplace is an outstanding pick for boosting your home.


Modern Atmosphere

The Heat & Glo 8K Series Gas Fireplace brings a touch of contemporary luxury to your home, creating a modern atmosphere that complements various interior styles. It’s the perfect addition to your living room, providing a sleek and sophisticated focal point.

Effortless Operation

Enjoy the simplicity of operation with the 8K Series. Ignite the flames, adjust heat levels, and customize your experience with the IntelliFire™ Touch Controls, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable fireplace experience.

Clean and Low Maintenance

Forget about the mess of old fireplaces. The 8K Series Gas Fireplace gives you a tidy and easy way to warm up, without the hassle of chopping wood or cleaning up ash. Enjoy the coziness without the extra work.

Flexible Installation Options

Whether as a standalone masterpiece or fitted into an existing fireplace, the 8K Series provides versatile installation options. Tailor the placement to suit your home’s layout and design, ensuring a seamless integration into your living space.

Energy-Efficient Heating

Gas heating is not just easy to use; it’s also good for saving energy. The 8K Series makes sure every bit of fuel is used well, giving you reliable warmth while keeping your energy use and costs low.

Key Features

  • The expansive 42-inch viewing area offers ample room to appreciate the mesmerizing flames and bask in the comforting warmth.
  • Consisting of four models, this series presents a range of additional features and enhancements with each variant, guaranteeing a tailored fit for your distinct requirements and stylistic preferences.
  • Prioritizing safety, the IntelliFire Touch® ignition system ensures control through various means such as the IntelliFire® app, voice commands, a touchscreen remote control (standard on KL, KX models), or a wireless wall switch.
  • Select from the Oak Log and Birch Log options to personalize the appearance of your fireplace.
  • Discover many ways to design your fireplace by picking from five inside panel choices and six decorative front options. You can easily make it match your home’s style by choosing the ones that fit best.
  • Enjoy the benefits of special glass that you can almost see through and that doesn’t reflect much light. This makes sure you have a clear and open view of the beautiful fire.

The 8K Series brings together old-style charm and modern technology, making it a great choice for any home, no matter its style. It’s where the cozy feel of a classic fire meets the ease of modern design.

8K Series

(K, KL, KX, MOD)

Size: 42″
Front Width: 48-1/16″
Back Width: 35-3/8″
Height: 42-7/8″
Depth: 21-7/16″
Framing Front Width: 49″
Framing Back Width: 49″
Framing Height: 42-1/8″
Framing Depth: 22″
BTU/hr Input: 19,000 – 45,000
Viewing Area 41-1/4″ x 26-11/16″


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