Heatilator Rave Gas Fireplace Insert

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The Rave brings a touch of modern, linear style and undeniable value to any home or office. Its contemporary design features are enhanced by a long, captivating ribbon flame that gracefully ascends through sleek modern media. The Rave provides flexible placement options and the opportunity to create a personalized look with a variety of finishing choices. You can also choose the Passive Heat kit, allowing you to mount a TV just 12 inches above the Rave fireplace without the need for a mantel.

With a legacy of unwavering reliability and exceptional value, the Rave gas series is another testament to how Heatilator has been keeping America warm since 1927.

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Meet the Heatilator Rave Gas Fireplace Insert – a fancy blend of new ideas and cozy vibes. It’s made with a lot of care to make your home feel nice and warm, using a gas fireplace. This cool addition mixes modern looks with the latest tech, turning your old fireplace into a cool centerpiece that feels comfy and classy. Now, let’s talk about the awesome things that make the Heatilator Rave Gas Fireplace Insert a great pick for sprucing up your home.

Key Features

  • A sleek and contemporary linear design that aligns with modern aesthetics.
  • Select your favored control option through the IntelliFire® app, touchscreen remote, or wireless wall switch, offering a solution that effortlessly blends into your everyday routine.
  • Offered in sizes of 32″, 36″, or 42″, accommodating diverse spaces, including corner installations.
  • Provides a moderate heat output of up to 26,000 BTUs, guaranteeing a cozy atmosphere.
  • Personalize the interior by incorporating fade-resistant reflective black glass panels, glass media, ceramic fiber stones, and LED lighting, enabling you to tailor the appearance to your preferences.
  • Using the Passive Heat kit allows you to install your TV just 12 inches above the fireplace without the need for a mantel.
  • Make the most of your fireplace year-round by employing heat distribution kits to channel warmth to specific areas, both indoors and outdoors of your home.
  • These good fireplaces might get you some money back in your area, giving you extra savings.


Modern Atmosphere

The Heatilator Rave Gas Fireplace Insert gives your home a modern feel. It makes your place look stylish and fits in well with your interior design. It upgrades your old fireplace, making it look sleek and classy.

Effortless Operation

Turn on the fire easily and change the heat easily too. The controls are easy to use, and IntelliFire™ Touch makes it even more convenient. The Rave Gas Fireplace Insert makes having a fire simple and enjoyable, so you can relax without any trouble.

Clean and Low-maintenance

Say bye-bye to the messiness of typical fireplaces. The Rave gives you a tidy and simple heating solution, so you don’t have to deal with chopping wood or cleaning up ash. Just enjoy the warmth without the extra work.

Flexible Installation Options

Whether you’re adding it to an old fireplace or making a new centerpiece, the Rave Gas Fireplace Insert gives you lots of ways to install it. Put it where it fits best in your home, matching how your place is set up and decorated, so it becomes a natural part of your living area.

Energy-Efficient Heating

Using gas for heating is not just easy but also saves energy. The Rave Gas Fireplace Insert makes sure to use every bit of fuel efficiently, giving you consistent warmth while keeping energy use and costs low.

The Rave is a cool and flexible fireplace that shows off modern style. It has a mesmerizing fire and lots of options you can change. It’s a great mix of looking good and working well, backed by Heatilator’s long history of being really good at what they do.


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