Outdoor Lifestyles Double Sided Fortress Fireplace

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The Fortress dual-sided gas fireplace seamlessly merges your indoor and outdoor areas, enhancing the aesthetic of a wide range of settings with its classic design, spacious viewing surface, and genuine appeal. Featuring non-reflective glass, accent illumination, and various interior brick choices, this exceptional fireplace personifies the essence of classic luxury design. Delight in the stunning vista from both within and beyond the Fortress.

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The Fortress Fireplace is not just a fireplace; it’s a masterpiece of design and innovation that will transform your living space into a haven of comfort and style. Let’s delve into the remarkable features and benefits that set this exceptional fireplace apart from the rest.


Breathtaking Aesthetics

The Fortress Fireplace is a true work of art. Crafted with precision, it showcases a captivating, contemporary design that instantly becomes the focal point of any room. Its sleek lines and premium finish make it a statement piece in your home.

Customizable Ambiance

Experience ultimate control with the Fortress Fireplace. You can adjust the flame intensity, colors, and even the bed options, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance to suit any occasion.

Efficient Heating

Beyond its beauty, the Fortress Fireplace delivers powerful heating performance. With its advanced technology, you’ll enjoy quick and consistent warmth, making it perfect for chilly winter evenings.

Remote Control

Convenience is at your fingertips. The included remote control empowers you to adjust temperature settings, lighting, and flame effects from anywhere in the room. No need to get up from your cozy spot!

Realistic Flame Technology

The Fortress Fireplace boasts state-of-the-art flame technology, offering you an authentic and mesmerizing fire-viewing experience that closely mimics the natural beauty of a traditional wood-burning fireplace.


Year-Round Luxury

The Fortress Fireplace isn’t just for winter; it provides comfort and style all year long. Enjoy the romantic ambiance of a fire even during the warmer months with the option to use the flames without the heat.

Low Maintenance

Say goodbye to the hassles of wood-burning fireplaces. With the Fortress Fireplace, there’s no need for fuel, ashes, or chimney cleaning. It’s hassle-free and easy to maintain.

Safety and Peace of Mind

Your safety is a top priority. The Fort ress Fireplace comes equipped with safety features like automatic shutoff and temperature control, giving you peace of mind while enjoying the warmth and beauty of the flames.

Energy Efficiency

Save on heating costs while reducing your ecological impact. The Fortress Fireplace’s innovative design maximizes energy efficiency and minimizes waste.

Increased Property Value

Elevate the value of your home with the addition of the Fortress Fireplace. Prospective buyers will be captivated by its beauty, technology, and energy-efficient features.

When you choose the Fortress Fireplace, you’re not just investing in a source of warmth – you’re investing in an expression of your style and a symbol of modern living. Discover the perfect fusion of beauty and functionality and make your living space an inviting sanctuary. The Fort ress Fireplace – where elegance meets warmth.

Fortress 36 Double Sided Outdoor Fireplace

Width: 49-3/8″
Height: 44-3/8″
Depth: 25-5/8″
Rear Width: 49-3/8″
Framing Width: 49-1/2″
Framing Height: 44-1/2″
Framing Depth: 23″
Framing Front Width: 49-1/2″
Framing Back Width: 49-1/2″
BTU/hr Input: 56,000 NG
Heating Capacity: 2,200 sq ft
Viewing Area: 36 x 30″


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