Heat & Glo Cosmo Gas Fireplace

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Timeless elegance and clean lines remain consistently fashionable. The linear design, accompanied by a sweeping ribbon flame, establishes a spacious and welcoming firescape. Available in three sizes and offering a range of finishing options, you can tailor a modern aesthetic to complement any space. Choose from diverse fronts, interior options, or a black reflective glass liner. Decide between traditional or driftwood logs, and personalize the atmosphere with LED lighting for a uniquely individualized look. Manage your fireplace effortlessly through an intuitive, smart, and secure system. Additionally, enhance your comfort with heat management options, directing warmth precisely to your desired areas.


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Introducing the Cosmo Gas Fireplace – a celestial addition to your indoor living space, meticulously designed to redefine ambiance with the warmth and contemporary allure of a gas fireplace. This indoor wonder seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with advanced technology, creating a stylish centerpiece that transforms your home into a haven of comfort and sophistication. Let’s explore the key features and benefits that make the Cosmo Gas Fireplace an exceptional choice for enhancing your indoor living experience.

Key Features

  • Demonstrates a design embodying a “Simply Modern” style, defined by its clean and linear aesthetic.
  • Displays a broad ribbon flame, enhancing the overall visual presentation with an engaging and captivating effect.
  • Crafted for customization, offered in three dimensions: 32 inches, 36 inches, or 42 inches.
  • Provides the flexibility of selecting from two log styles and seven media options, allowing for a personalized and unique appearance.
  • You can customize the ambiance with optional black glass interior panels and LED lighting.
  • Choose from a selection of two fronts and five finishes, enabling you to design the perfect appearance.
  • By incorporating a Passive Heat or SmartWall™ TV Kit, you have the option to mount your TV a mere 12 inches above the fireplace, eliminating the need for a mantel.
  • Enhances safety through intermittent pilot ignition, ensuring secure and reliable operation.
  • Select your preferred control method based on your lifestyle, whether it’s through the IntelliFire® app, a touchscreen remote, or a wireless wall switch.


Contemporary Atmosphere

The Cosmo Gas Fireplace adds a fancy, modern feel to your home. It makes your living room look stylish and cool, matching different looks inside. It’s like a super nice piece that stands out in your living room.

Efficient Heating

Gas fireplaces like the Cosmo offer efficient heating by harnessing the energy of clean-burning natural gas. Experience the authentic warmth and comfort that only a gas fireplace can deliver, making it an ideal choice for creating a cozy indoor retreat.

Intuitive Operation

Have fun using the Cosmo fireplace—it’s easy! Start the fire, change the heat, and make it just right for you with the simple IntelliFire™ Touch Controls. It makes using the fireplace easy and enjoyable, no problems!

Clean and Low Maintenance

Say bye-bye to the messy old-style fireplaces. The Cosmo Gas Fireplace gives you a tidy and easy way to stay warm, without the hassle of chopping wood or cleaning up ash. Enjoy the cozy heat without any extra work.

Versatile Installation Options

You can put the Cosmo on the wall like a fancy picture, or you can place it in a special box. It’s flexible and can fit into your home’s layout and style, making it blend in nicely with your living area.

This fireplace mixes modern looks with flexibility, so you can make it a standout feature in your room. It’s a great blend of style, control, and comfort, making sure it fits well into your home.

Cosmo 32″ Landscape Gas Fireplace – DV

Size: 32″
Width: 36″
Height: 38-1/16″
Depth: 17-3/4″
Rear Width: 25-3/4″
Framing Width: 37″
Framing Height: 36-1/2″
Framing Depth: 17-3/4″
Framing Front Width: 37″
Framing Back Width: 37″
Fuel Type: Natural gas
BTU/hr Input: 19,000
Viewing Area: 27-1/4 x 15-1/4″
Ignition System: IntelliFire Touch

Cosmo 36″ Landscape Gas Fireplace – DV

Size: 36″
Width: 41″
Height: 33-11/16″
Depth: 17-3/4″
Rear Width: 30-3/4″
Framing Width: 42″
Framing Height: 32-3/4″
Framing Depth: 17-3/4″
Framing Front Width: 42″
Framing Back Width: 42″
Fuel Type: Natural gas
BTU/hr Input: 20,500
Viewing Area: 32-1/4″ x 15-1/4″
Ignition System: IntelliFire Touch

Cosmo 42″ Landscape Gas Fireplace – DV

Size: 42″
Width: 48″
Height: 33-11/16″
Depth: 17-3/4″
Rear Width: 37-3/4″
Framing Width: 49″
Framing Height: 32-3/4
Framing Depth: 17-3/4″
Framing Front Width: 49″
Framing Back Width: 49″
Fuel Type: Natural gas
BTU/hr Input: 25,250
Viewing Area: 39 x 15-1/4″
Ignition System: IntelliFire Touch


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