Outdoor Lifestyles Lanai Gas Fireplace

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The Lanai linear outdoor gas fireplace is the best for outdoor living, letting you display your outdoor paradise with flair. Made from strong stainless steel and with extra lighting, it beautifully shows the flames that stretch from one end to the other. You can get it in 48″ and 60″ sizes, turning the outdoors into your cozy living space.

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Introducing the Lanai Gas Fireplace – a luxurious retreat for your senses, meticulously crafted to redefine the ambiance of your outdoor living space with the warmth and beauty of a gas fireplace. This outdoor marvel seamlessly combines modern aesthetics with cutting-edge technology, creating a stylish focal point that transforms your patio or deck into a haven of comfort and sophistication. Let’s explore the key features and benefits that make the Lanai Gas Fireplace an exceptional choice for enhancing your outdoor experience.

Key Features

  • With a contemporary linear design available in 48″, 60″, and a striking 48″ see-through model, you have the flexibility to choose the ideal fit for your outdoor space.
  • Indulge in LED lighting with a palette of eight striking colors. Whether opting for a single color or cycling through them, you can also adjust the intensity with three levels to create the perfect mood.
  • The stainless-steel interior functions to reflect and enhance the flames, producing a mesmerizing visual display.
  • Crafted for longevity, the fireplace boasts rust-resistant, stainless-steel construction, guaranteeing durability even in outdoor settings.
  • Ensuring secure operation, the fireplace is monitored by the IntelliFire™ Ignition System, offering peace of mind.
  • The weatherproof wall control provides seamless operation of your fireplace, allowing you to easily manage its functions and alter LED colors, enhancing overall convenience.
  • With no need for a chimney or venting, the fireplace seamlessly integrates into any outdoor setting, offering a versatile and unobtrusive presence.
  • Equipped with a special glass shield, the fireplace makes sure the fire stays steady and strong, even when the weather changes a lot.


Year-Round Outdoor Living

The Lanai Gas Fireplace extends the joy of outdoor living throughout the year. Whether you’re entertaining guests, enjoying a quiet evening, or hosting a festive gathering, this fireplace provides a warm and inviting focal point for any occasion.

Effortless Operation

Light the fire easily and change the heat easily with the easy-to-use controls and the handy smart remote. The Lanai Gas Fireplace makes sure having an outdoor fire is simple and fun, without any trouble.

Clean and Low Maintenance

Say bye-bye to the mess of regular outdoor fires. The Lanai makes things easy with a tidy and easy-to-care-for heating solution. No more chopping wood or dealing with ash leftovers. Enjoy the warmth without any extra work.

Flexible Installation Options

Whether you put it alone on your patio or include it in an outdoor structure, the Lanai Gas Fireplace gives you different ways to set it up. Put it where it fits best in your outdoor area and design, so it becomes a natural part of your living space.

Ambiance and Entertainment

Make your outdoor get-togethers awesome! The Lanai Gas Fireplace doesn’t just keep you warm, it also makes your outdoor area look really nice. It’s perfect for being the main thing everyone looks at when you’re having fun or just chilling out under the stars.

The Lanai outdoor gas fireplace makes your outdoor hangouts better. It’s like bringing a cozy part of your home outside. This fireplace looks cool, works well with new technology, and lasts a long time. It makes your time outside more enjoyable.

Lanai 48 Outdoor Gas Fireplace

Width: 52-1/8″
Height: 39-1/2″
Depth: 13-3/8″
Rear Width: 52-1/8″
Framing Width: 52-3/4″
Framing Height: 39-3/4″
Framing Depth: 13-3/8″
Framing Front Width: 52-3/4″
Framing Back Width: 52-3/4″
BTU/hr Input: 55,000
Viewing Area: 47-7/8 x 17″

Lanai 60 Outdoor Gas Fireplace

Width: 64-1/8″
Height: 39-1/2″
Depth: 13-3/8″
Rear Width: 64-1/8″
Framing Width: 64-3/4″
Framing Height: 39-3/4″
Framing Depth: 13-3/8″
Framing Front Width: 64-3/4″
Framing Back Width: 64-3/4″
BTU/hr Input: 65,000
Viewing Area: 60 x 17″


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